Thursday, October 8, 2009

Of Freedom, Joy and more Irises!

I did a couple more journal pages yesterday......... and these are different again. Have I mentioned the sense of freedom evoked when I'm doing these? There is no preplanning (apart from some thoughts of allowing for the river to flow through) and I just use what I have at hand. It's quite a messy process..... but that suits me I think! Who would have thought these books of pain could bring me so much joy?

This double page spread has no river.  I don't see any of them as complete yet. I will come back with line drawings and collaged or stamped or handwritten text.

I’m finding I’m getting more adventurous, more casual, less worried about having everything turn out to be a masterpiece or even saleable. This is very empowering. I’ve been reading lots of creative blogs lately and am so inspired not just by the art of others but the art that is produced around and through people's lives and happenings; both positive and negative. I love to hear about what inspires artists; what makes them tick; their journeys.

WIP Metamorphosis - New Life from the River of Tears

Tomorrow I am making a 6 hour return trip to collect Jon's boys for a long weekend school holiday stay. We'll have lunch at Nana's (Jon's Mum) to break the journey. Yesterday, Rose and Mack flew to Brisbane to spend a week with their father so I am kiddie free today (and not so secretely loving it!) I will make a detour either tomorrow or on the return trip next week to collect some  art supplies (not really much needed but definitely muchly inspired, muchly wanted and muchly required for trying out new things- you know how it is!)
Here are some more irises opening in my garden!

Three Iris Sentinels

These are such a dark purple that they look almost black as buds! I haven't yet checked on them today to see if they've opened up further. These were already in the garden when we arrived along with some other purples.

These supposedly ordinary geraniums were catching the sunshine beautifully...


Susan said...

First and foremost, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Being at Sara Lechner's in Austria was a wonderful experience. The video I created might not work on your computer system. This is one of the reasons I put the videos on another blog. Unless your computer operating system is "high speed"....and I don't necessarily mean "broadband"...the video will only play in "sections"....a few second at a time, then loading information, a few more seconds, more loading information, a few more seconds, etc. My mother's computer was like this due to the only system to which she could gain Internet access. Dial-up service is even worse! Love your journal! Thanks again for peeking in on my blog!

Lenna Andrews said...

Sandi, i am so happy you left a comment on my blog so i could find yours. When i read what you wrote in your profile: "I believe that we create our own reality and that our lives are permanent Works in Progress! I also believe that we are all creative! Every one of us!"
-- i must say, i was truly impressed. I really enjoyed this first post i read of yours and will be back to read again. I also appreciate your openess with sharing how you feel about viewing some of my art - thank you so much!! lenna

Deb G said...

Love Metamorphosis and your thoughts about creativity.

Puddleduck said...

Susan: Thanks for your comments.. will keep checking out your blog too...

Lenna: Thanks to you too for commenting! I do believe we are all creative... Creativity is more than just art... our lives are creations. They are our creations!

Deb: Thanks for stopping by and for your comment!I just revisited your blog which I came across yesterday. I love your blend of sustainability, creativity with some fruit and veg thrown in! From a fellow vegie grower....


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