Saturday, August 30, 2014

.... of a Mother of Pearl cross (or should it be Mother Pearl is cross?)

I've done it again..! I have so many projects on the go at once I'm spinning. Often I don't know which one I should be working on so I end up wasting precious time and not achieving much at all!

I found this in one of my old sketchbooks last night and played around with it a little. Have I mentioned I have a new phone photo app which I am loving messing around with? (probably accounts for some of my wasted time!)

I started stitching this piece a few years ago..... and recently found some supplies online which I have been keeping an eye out for- bulk Mother of Pearl buttons! I can't wait for them to arrive this week so I can pull this out of storage and continue on as if a few years really haven't lapsed! Quite excited at the prospect of actually finishing it! I just need to remember which box, crate or bag I saw it in recently!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

... a vintage Deer Head.

I've just listed a couple of vintage items in my Etsy store including this cute little deer head!

I'm gradually getting organised to list more items. I've been working on some more hanging hearts as they sold really well previously and they are such fun to make from vintage household linens and embellish further with embroidery, stamping, fabric features, buttons and beads....! Coming soon...!

Deer Head Ornament (mini mead decanter) listed on Etsy


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