Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Creative June!

Wow! I'm actually getting some projects completed and feeling very good about it.......!


This little Tree of Life is from one of my sketchbooks. I photographed a selection of little doodles with the idea of printing them onto fabric and embellishing them. This little tree I did as an Inkjet Transfer onto black cotton fabric. It's been sitting around the studio for quite some time (as things tend to do here before I get back to them!) [I do find that sometimes the time factor allows things to stew or a new inspiration may be applied to something that has seemingly lost it's zest of creativity.]It is a mini art quilt (comprising 3 layers) but no actual quilting as all the embroidery was done before I backed it with a vintage napkin. I didn't use wool batting or craft wadding this time but just added a piece of vintage felt which added a bit of body and strength without being too soft and spongy. I'm really happy with it and have been playing around with some little tabs for hanging it but am inclined to mount it on matt board ready for framing. Size is 7" x 7" (18cm x 18cm)

My most current project is another of the Inkjet Transfers. It was a mosaic design I designed about 6-7 years ago (the actual mosaic tabletop is in here somewhere and is at about the same stage of finished-ness that this wee piece is now! ) What? You don't have any UFO's in your studio?
I'm using DMC Rayon thread in satin stitch and it is picking up the light beautifully just like a real mosaic! I will turn this into a little mini art quilt also!

Mosaic Rose

Gingham Lace Heart
I made this cute little Gingham Lace heart from a pattern I found and printed off of the net about 12 months ago. It is also known as Chicken Scratch embroidery and by several other names. It is very effective and very pleasing to work!

Gingham Lace Heart - Back



I made up this little retro owl as I went along and have been meaning to graph the stitches into a chart but haven't got around to that yet! He only took me a couple of nights to stitch and I think he's quite cute! I love his Mother-of-Pearl button eyes. The background fabric is a vintage find in the form of a napkin (as above) and the backing was from my stash.

Let's hope the rest of the month of June is as productive as the first half! (I sold one of my little landscape art quilts at the gallery last week too!)


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