Monday, June 30, 2014

Half Time (.....of the mid year)

My name is Sandi and it has been 2 months since I have blogged!

On the flip side I have a (challenging) new job which I am learning to love and am even finding some time for persuing my art. Life is good! 

I'm enjoying the garden on weekends (having planted some winter vegies and annuals). I'm loving sitting by the fire in the evening and am teaching myself to relax! It really is ok to just chill sometimes!

I've dug out my sketchbooks and am enjoying the variety and numerous ideas I've sketched and planned over the years! Resurrecting some projects, the multitude of ideas are leading me down new paths. I will never get them all made or even started..... but it's wonderful to be looking forward.

 Older sketchbook ideas....

Latest sketchbook ideas.... getting excited about starting this one! Royal II

An old idea revisited...... in a much smaller scale!

The original.....

Off to start this one................. seriously! Tonight.


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