Monday, July 25, 2011

Of the colour Red… plus bitumen!

I promised photos of my new red living room…. Wow! It is a different room and I adore it. I love being immersed in colour as opposed to just splashes of colour or feature walls….. Even the horrid brown panelling painted beautifully (with Antique White USA (Dulux)) It was perfect for all the trim and a built in bookcase near the front door too… I’m so happy with the colour… Red Stop (also Dulux) Love it, Love it!

New living room colour + Mojo!



I just need a few new cushions and a rug and a throw rug. There isn't much wall space left for artwork...but maybe just a few small pieces...?!

While I'm on the colour Red, this is where I'm up to with my Tree Of Life #2! I still have some little details to stitch on... some tree roots, an edging, some details on the sun and moon I think, and some more hair on bird self (I've gone red again!)

my Tree of Life #2

I tried out the bitumen technique that Gary Reef shared on his site Loving Mixed Media again. I think I’m officially hooked! Here is the first one finished…

Bitumen experiment #1

This one is I used a simple paper doiley and a wall décor sticker thingy as a stencil…

Bitumen experiment #2

This circular one is another old unfinished collage (there’s more of them hanging around the studio that might get a face lift yet!) Not finished rubbing back yet....

Bitumen experiment #3

Eager to try some more!

Meeting a friend to discuss our entries into an upcoming upcycled fashion parade...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bitumen Mixed Media Experiment....

I haven’t been here for a little while…….but I promise I have been busy; very busy!

We’ve had the floor in our main living area sanded and polished; and the walls painted –red! More of that in a later post…

I’ve been mostly working on another tree of life textile piece – photos later; but I really wanted to link to this amazing Mixed Media Photo Tutorial by Gary Reef on Loving Mixed Media. There's another link to his site in my sidebar too...

When I saw this I just had to give it a go! I used an unfinished collage on a stretched canvas that just wasn't working the way I had envisaged! I painted over it with white paint, added some stencilling, bitumen and more stencilling....

I really like it like this even!

Then started rubbing back into the bitumen with some turps..... WOW!

Not finished yet; Boy am I having fun playing though. The technique involves collage, bitumen, spray paint and stencils…… WOW! Thanks Gary for an amazing tutorial… I might get brave enough to post a photo of my finished piece on LMM! I think I'm hooked on the technique (despite the smell of the bitumen!) and regardless of how this turns out will definitely try some more!!!

Back Soon..............! xo


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