Saturday, September 14, 2013

....of finishing off.

I have finally finished 'SUMMER OF MY CONTENT'!

It's now ready for framing! The background is a hand stitched patchwork of rust dyed fabric. Pieces of commercial printed fabric were added and embellished with embroidery and raw edge applique. The lace centrepiece is also hand dyed 

I went out this afternoon to get a single skein of embroidery floss to match something else I'm working on... Look what I came back with! Fabrics to die for with luscious colours and designs. I rarely use large quantities of commercial fabrics so these will turn up in much smaller portions cut or torn down... 

 Raw Materials for Future Works!

I generally work on several pieces at once... (saves boredom!) with the occasional push to get something finished for an exhibition.

This piece from my TREE OF LIFE series is nearing completion. It was started quite some time ago....!


More UFO's (UnFinished Objects) coming out of boxes and bags and drawers. They are like old friends. Looking at them with fresh eyes and Spring in my step....!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

....on starting afresh!

I have had internet issues for a while now and life has been soooo unbelievably busy I really haven't had time to blog!

I'm back with a new blog name and another huge change to take effect within a few months...  and then I should hopefully have more time to devote to art and blogging!

Here's a little piece I am working on. Well actually it was a single piece but I cut it in half as it just wasn't right! A few hours more work on each and I think they may be ready to frame!

Hand dyed cotton, commercial printed cotton (new and upcycled) , upcycled sari silk, thai silk and hand dyed pashima.


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