Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hooked on Pastels!

I had a bit of trouble with Blogger yesterday; and I couldn't post more than just a title... couldn't edit either! I'm playing around with some new templates so please bear with me whilst things move around and I play with headers and colour schemes! My photos always seem to be a bit squished up regardless of how I crop or resize....

Anyway, I've been enjoying playing with pastel on board; I'm quite happy with these pears.....

Pears on Glass Platter
Pastel on Board

...but not so happy with this sunflower. I think it needs to be darker at the bottom... It's lost some of it's shape. Please excuse the blurry photo!

Following the Sun
Pastel on Board

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Really Slow Cloth

No racing ahead for me this week…! I’m being forced to really slow down… My internet allowance for the month is exceeded already and hence the speed severely restricted! (I live rurally and have satellite broadband – We only doubled the allowance a few months ago and here I am, just starting Jude’s online course and, well, … things are slow……..! I managed to watch her video components [which are vey easy to watch and learn from] over the course of a few hours (for about 15mins worth of video) ;you get the picture?

(If you get a chance to do one of Jude’s workshops I can already highly recommend them!)

Also, I have a few extra days of work this week, so I missed my Garden Club Luncheon on Monday and a studio day! Oh well, I do enjoy my job and I still have a full day in here today after I’ve caught up with a few things. I’ll be working on components for my ‘SpiritCloth’

This first photo is a sun; it is the beginning of my story cloth. The linen is hand-dyed and basted to a muslin backing. All the pieces are raw edge appliquéd…..

This is a piece of very old linen (so old I can almost see and feel the seperate flax fibres!) on a hand dyed cotton serviette. The photo really doesn't do the colour justice the bottom layer is really a warm yellow...

I’m making some other small pieces and bases with the view to joining and adding some of them together to make a larger piece; I’m also digging out some little experiments from the past with the view to incorporating them in this story cloth.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

of Pastel Paintings

Mum’s glasses case is finished and on it’s way! I lined it with soft fleecy and added blanket stitch around the top edge. I'm pleased with how it's turned out! I hope she like's it!

Glasses Case; silks, cottons, sari silks, ribbon, organza and hand embroidery

I promised a while ago that I would add a photo of the plates my Brother and SIL gave me when they visited. They are oval shaped with a delightful border..... I just love the colourful retro birds…!

I had a productive day in the studio yesterday; finishing this pastel painting which was quite literally gathering dust! It's approx 48cm x 68cm [19" x 27"]  and is the largest pastel I have done to date... I used Art Spectrum Colourfix Primer which is my favourite ground for pastel. It has such a nice 'bite'...!

Virginia Creeper

I also started and completed this smaller piece which I’m hoping to get framed at work in time for a few local exhibitions. Also on Colourfix Primer. 29cm x 22cm [11" x 8 1/2"] It is based on a photo I took at one of my Garden Club visits.

Untitled....  I'd love your help to title this painting...!

Umm... no stitching yet this week... but my fingers are itching to do some! I'm not sure about starting something new before I begin Jude Hill's online Spirit Cloth workshop.... No doubt I won't be able to help myself though!  I think I read on Jude's blog that there are still spaces available in her 3rd workshop: Patchwork Beasts. There is a link in the sidebar of her blog.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

surrender to stitching...

I promised Mum I would make her a case for her glasses…the one she has is scratching the lenses… so I surrendered to this over the last few days…

I drove a friend into town yesterday; a doctor’s appt, hairdresser’s appt, groceries and errands… so... I had quite a bit of time to sit and stitch! We did manage a nice lunch at the gallery and afternoon tea before we trekked home. Jan has just had an operation on her foot and like most of us; hates the temporary loss of wheels (being able to drive) and with that-her independence!

I don’t think I could add too many more stitches to this if I tried! I love the colours and frayed edges and the variegated threads! Now to sew it up with a lovely soft batting lining and find some sort of closure... I hope Mum likes it!


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