Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Really Slow Cloth

No racing ahead for me this week…! I’m being forced to really slow down… My internet allowance for the month is exceeded already and hence the speed severely restricted! (I live rurally and have satellite broadband – We only doubled the allowance a few months ago and here I am, just starting Jude’s online course and, well, … things are slow……..! I managed to watch her video components [which are vey easy to watch and learn from] over the course of a few hours (for about 15mins worth of video) ;you get the picture?

(If you get a chance to do one of Jude’s workshops I can already highly recommend them!)

Also, I have a few extra days of work this week, so I missed my Garden Club Luncheon on Monday and a studio day! Oh well, I do enjoy my job and I still have a full day in here today after I’ve caught up with a few things. I’ll be working on components for my ‘SpiritCloth’

This first photo is a sun; it is the beginning of my story cloth. The linen is hand-dyed and basted to a muslin backing. All the pieces are raw edge appliquéd…..

This is a piece of very old linen (so old I can almost see and feel the seperate flax fibres!) on a hand dyed cotton serviette. The photo really doesn't do the colour justice the bottom layer is really a warm yellow...

I’m making some other small pieces and bases with the view to joining and adding some of them together to make a larger piece; I’m also digging out some little experiments from the past with the view to incorporating them in this story cloth.


Patty said...

Those colors look like they grew out of the ground. And I know what you mean about old linen and the feel of

Love that little red/white checked
fabric peeking out.

Marie said...

Love the sun...I am sure Jude's classes are great. I hope to take one myself at some point. Fabulous
"old" cloth.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

hi sandi
thank you for coming by windthread!
i really love the old linen piece.
looked on the class posting for it,
could not believe i'd missed it...
but i didn't. will be waiting to
see what is coming for it..the
colors really humm for me and the
edgings...ahhhh. again, thank you ~

twhIch aye said...

ohhh a sun to go with your sunflower :) and i love all the different fabrics and just like patti, i really like the red and white checkered... looks like some type of old fashioned candy...

michele/twhich aye


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