Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hooked on Pastels!

I had a bit of trouble with Blogger yesterday; and I couldn't post more than just a title... couldn't edit either! I'm playing around with some new templates so please bear with me whilst things move around and I play with headers and colour schemes! My photos always seem to be a bit squished up regardless of how I crop or resize....

Anyway, I've been enjoying playing with pastel on board; I'm quite happy with these pears.....

Pears on Glass Platter
Pastel on Board

...but not so happy with this sunflower. I think it needs to be darker at the bottom... It's lost some of it's shape. Please excuse the blurry photo!

Following the Sun
Pastel on Board

1 comment:

twhIch aye said...

wowww your painting is beautiful. i can see the glass of the plate and the lush pears. and your sunflower looks like blazing sun. and where the stem meets the budding leaves looks other worldly... lovely.

and the captcha word for this comment is 'repear' hahahahahha :)


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