Tuesday, June 8, 2010

of Pastel Paintings

Mum’s glasses case is finished and on it’s way! I lined it with soft fleecy and added blanket stitch around the top edge. I'm pleased with how it's turned out! I hope she like's it!

Glasses Case; silks, cottons, sari silks, ribbon, organza and hand embroidery

I promised a while ago that I would add a photo of the plates my Brother and SIL gave me when they visited. They are oval shaped with a delightful border..... I just love the colourful retro birds…!

I had a productive day in the studio yesterday; finishing this pastel painting which was quite literally gathering dust! It's approx 48cm x 68cm [19" x 27"]  and is the largest pastel I have done to date... I used Art Spectrum Colourfix Primer which is my favourite ground for pastel. It has such a nice 'bite'...!

Virginia Creeper

I also started and completed this smaller piece which I’m hoping to get framed at work in time for a few local exhibitions. Also on Colourfix Primer. 29cm x 22cm [11" x 8 1/2"] It is based on a photo I took at one of my Garden Club visits.

Untitled....  I'd love your help to title this painting...!

Umm... no stitching yet this week... but my fingers are itching to do some! I'm not sure about starting something new before I begin Jude Hill's online Spirit Cloth workshop.... No doubt I won't be able to help myself though!  I think I read on Jude's blog that there are still spaces available in her 3rd workshop: Patchwork Beasts. There is a link in the sidebar of her blog.


jackie said...

I'm sure your mum will be pleased with her gift. Brown paper makes a surprisingly good surface for stitch, doesn't it?

Jules said...

Love that glasses case Sandi, it's super. Your mum will be delighted. Lucky lady. Wow, your pastels are terrific! You are very talented. Those flowers are so vibrant and exotic, a cascade of red bells. x

Linturn said...

Mum will definitely love the glasses case and the 'Virginia Creeper' is just beautiful!

Best wishes Linda

Sweetpea said...

What a lovely blog! I am so happy to have stopped by for a visit. See you in the Spirit Cloth workshop :>]

Marie said...

Fabulous painting! I love the picture as your blog header.
The glass case is lovely too! Your Mum will love it! :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

i love your pastel paintings, Sandi . . . what kind of plant is it? the beautiful flowering one? This makes a gorgeous blog header.

twhIch aye said...

that virginia creeper painting looks :alive: amazing... and i was just complaining that my glasses are always dirty and i just realized that i've lost my glasses case hahahahahhaha


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