Sunday, February 7, 2010

of Sunday Morning Variegations.....

I’m loving some of the soft colours in my most recent dye play. Soft colours have never really been my thing! I’ve been pretty much into strong saturated colour. I love how colours sing off of each other! ..... and here I am playing around with such subtle variations....... I guess they are singing too.

Hand dyed poly cotton?
hand sewn raw edge applique

I don’t think this piece is 100% cotton. It is finely woven, frays easily and has taken the dye softly. I love the depth created by placing the variegated fabrics together



 I have no idea what this is- maybe just a little sampler? I started doing some kantha across the square shapes but unpicked it…. Maybe I’ll add more embellishment or maybe I like it’s simplicity. I'll let it sit/hang now.....



Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Isn't it wonderful how a whole movement happens amongst a few creative people in different spots around the world! When that happens it always pleases me.

Does this need to "be something"?... It is what it is... a thing of beauty, I think.

I love the warmth of this, and makes me think of how it might be in parts of your amazing country. Sandstone and clay and iron and dust. Sometimes the eye [soul] needs to rest from all that singing brightness. And this is like an ode to the earth's elements. It's lovely!

Jacky said...

What beautiful colours you have created... and such a soft piece.
I'm enjoying playing around with dyeing too, mainly natural dyes at the moment, but I think I will get into some commercial dyes too as I love the colour range.
I've just popped over via Catherines blog - great to see your work. I loved the woven embroidery and took a look at the tutorial...might have a play with that technique sometime, its lovely.


Puddleduck said...

Catherine; thanks for your lovely comment! Singing softly... ;)

Jacky; thanks for visiting! I was a Melbourne girl for a few years, way back when I first graduated! I enjoyed seeing your photos on your blog... Caution:needle weaving can be addictive!

Anonymous said...

I came via Catherine's blog too. Simple shapes and simple stitching are often the most powerful. You have a lovely blog.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Love the colors, too. What did you reminds me of onion skins...with a bit of iron? I've been playing with onions and have fallen in love with the warm peachy browns. New drapes are being planned...nuno.

art spirit said...

Loving your new piece and the soft colors....always fun to use the hand dyed your blog!
Hooked heart is 10.5" X 8" and thanks for your visit!


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