Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dyeing addict...!

It really is no wonder so many people are addicted to dyeing…

An old linen teacloth and a little cotton top that my daughter Rose has outgrown..

I had a bit of a play with some orange and black dyes in the studio late yesterday afternoon (after a pretty full day in the garden-phew!)  I love not knowing exactly how it's going to turn out…! At first I was a bit disappointed with the spotting that comes from experimenting and not dissolving the dye first but it’s growing on me now... there is some nice shading and variegations.

An old embroidered traycloth - I think linen..

from the top: silk, muslin, cotton(or possibly cotton polyester),
silk, commercially dyed cotton, silk

I threw in scraps and household linens.... linen, flannel, muslin, cotton and silk. I love how they take the dye on differently. I didn't do any shibori or tying of any type this time- just left the pieces scrunched in a tray...


I don’t think any of them will be used as whole pieces... although I do like this little piece of flannel above. 

I must do that again soon...! I had so much fun.......... 


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Wow. These came out so well. Arn't those colors lovely together, I love the way that black sometimes is a purple or purple-slate grey color. Very nice. I think my favorite is the muslin one. I really like the warm deep tones that has. Yes... totally addictive! >:}

Joei Rhode Island said...

LOL...Another addict...who puts all the odds and ends from the house into the dyepot. I *love* it! And the pieces turned out great, too. Yeah! Sandi

Kim Hambric said...

Love these color combos. Beautiful! And that camisole is wonderful. I would love to have one myself.

Puddleduck said...

Mmmm... I'm loving the subtle colours of these myself, Catherine and love that the black isn't 'black', but softer!

Joei, I search through my stash and assorted piles in my studio to see what I can throw in! Rose's wee top was in a bag to go off to the chartity store.. nothing is safe...!

Hi Kim, thanks for your visit and comment. - very subtle colours for me!


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