Thursday, February 11, 2010

of Nature, WIPs and Work

This new part time job is taking it's toll... : )  I'm loving it; but I'm exhausted! I think I'm still trying to get as much done (house, garden, studio) as I usually do and it's just not happening. I don't want anything to come between me and my creative time and I'm frustated with myself that I'm tired! I guess it's just all new and will be a matter of settling in. I started a little later this morning as I attended a little ceremony at my son's school........ It's great that my new work place is flexible; they're lovely people and I feel like I'm learning lots; it's hands on, which I love.

So, I haven't really done much needlework.... I started a little on the Blue Moon ATC last night... I'll see where that goes...

Blue Moon ATC

Yellow Clouds yesterday evening....
they really looked ominous and were strangely coloured.. 
but we didn't get a storm....

My very favourite rose: Mary Rose
see, I can do Shabby Chic!

Young Chinese Elm

My Silver Birch trunks are turning silver!

Having a bit of trouble with photo formatting of late. My pics are tending to get squashed up. I tried resizing a couple of them but now they won't centre.. so apologies for the mish mash array!


I have to make another 80km round trip into town tonight as Rose has a twilight school swimming carnival this evening...

The Hand Embroidery Networks (HEN) Winter Wonderland Exhibition is online here. There is some absolutely fabulous, clever and detailed work!


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hi Sandi,

Oohh, now that blue moon stitching is lovely, is it wool thread? I really want to try with wool threads (you'll see why, when I post later!) Yesterday, I found an old pair of my elder son's jeans, completey gone at the crotch and beyond another repair, so I took the scissors to them and am excited to get to these pieces, (many pieces, 'coz he's a tall one!) maybe later today. I LOVE repurposed denim... when it's done well!!!

Look at that rose! I'm guessing that it's a David Austin creation? It's pretty! I have 2 Austin favorites, Josephine Bruce, which is a sexy, velvety-red-black with a swirling, cupped form. And St. Ceclia, which is a little like yours, but a billowing, calomine-colored, divinely scented, Tea-rose. I had that in my garden in Wiltshire UK, in honor of my grandmother Joan Cecelia. Funny with all this tropical wonder, but I still do miss those victorian styled English border plants! Have you ever come across a tree peony? I think you'd love them!

I wish I could be in your garden. Thanks for the extra photos though! :) Have a great day!
C xxx

Jules said...

Love the colours you have used, and what a gorgeous peony. We have a beautiful old white scented one, no idea what it is. I loved your photograph of the sky, so atmospheric!

Anonymous said...

The blue moon ATC is really pretty. Make sure you leave enough time for you after your busy day!

Marie said...

I can so relate to you...I work part time as well and have 3 children at home. Love the blue moon ATC and the embroidery you have done. Beautiful flowers and photo of the sky. When I lived in California, sometimes the sunset skies were amazing with reds, oranges, purples and yellows.


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