Tuesday, February 9, 2010

here comes the rain..........!

but first...., I wanted to show you the starting point for an ATC swap with Jane Clark at Quilters Cottage Norfolk. Here is a link to her blog post showing her gorgeous Blue Moon ATCs. Please check out the rest of her blog; she has some really lovely and varied work... and updates at least once a day!

Blue Denim Moon
Discharged Denim - ATC WIP

Inspiration for this comes from Jude Hill's divine blog : Spirit Cloth. I read Jude's blog every day (I think I'm addicted to her slow cloth methods, her colour and texture combinations, her musing, her photos, her stitches and her beautiful story cloths) If you're not already following Jude I guarantee you will once you see her work!

Blue Denim Moons
Discharged Denim - ATC WIP

If you follow the links on Jude's blog you will find Shibori Girl (Glennis Dolce) who's amazing indigo moons Jude features. Again, check out her whole blog!

Rain Approaching

Sun Shower
(actually a little more than a shower but don't you love when it rains and the sun is still shining?)

We're thankful for the rain as everything was starting to dry out again!

...did I mention where I started work sells art materials? tee hee (musn't tell hubby!)


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Wow... I love it! Those denim moons are so appealing, aren't they? Seeing this this morning has given me an idea that I'm going to try latter today.

How funny... it just started raining here too, after weeks of no rain at all. We must be on the same weather curve. :} Is that your garden there? It looks like an amazing place. I would love to see more pictures!

Have a great day.

jude said...

ha! thanks.... indigo is grand isn't it? waiting for a big dump of snow here...

Jules said...

Gorgeous Sandi! I too am a follower of Jude's wonderful blog. Glad the rains have come for you, we had snow again today!

Marie said...

You have a lovely blog and after reading your profile I do believe you and I are kindred souls
: )
Love all the stitching!


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