Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Babies! ....real babies!

Oh, what an exciting day! We have 2 new babies!

Here's the first little guy!

Mojo - a Shitzu Maltese X

(a wee play mate for Cee-Cee)

and the second; a little Highland Calf - born either overnight or early this morning!

Highland Calf

The kids found Mojo at the pet shop this morning. I've been looking for a black Maltese/Shitzu X as a friend for Cee-Cee for a little while now. Not urgently looking; just keeping an eye out looking! I knew I wanted a boy and I knew his name was Mojo..... He's every bit as adorable as Cee-Cee and I know they'll be great mates! He's about 10-12 weeks old.

When we arrived back from town Jon went down to feed the alpacas, sheep, mini horse and cattle some hay; he arrived back up at the house a few minutes later very excited; 'we've got another new addition to the family'! It's our first calf born on our property and we're soooo excited. It looks like a wee teddy bear!

What a wonderous day!

More good news; the recycled art exhibition I wanted to enter the bread tag piece into, has extended it's entry date... so there's a chance I may get it finished after all...... other wise I was just going to hang onto it for next year's deadline!

Still working on the Te _ _ _ t too!


Jules Woolford said...

Cobgratulations on your gorgeous new arrivals! xxx

Puddleduck said...

Hi Jules! Thanks! They are just soooo beautiful! xo

Marie said...

Oh my that little puppy face is adorable and what fun! Those new babies really add a special energy to the place don't they?

Filamental said...

Love this post! How fortunate for the little calf to be born in such a happy place.

Penny Berens said...

A wonderful, wonderful day! And you have highland cattle over there...they are beautiful creatures.


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