Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm a little TEA_ _ T!!

Some more progress on my challenge piece... still many, many hours of beading to go! I'm trying to bead the spout as much as possible before attaching it ; I'm finding the already stitched on handle extremely hard going!

Beaded Teapot - spout still to be attached!

Q What's better than 1 little highland teddy bear baby? A That would be 2 little highland teddy bear babies; they are just so adorable…

A frosty morning last week! 2 baby Highlands!...and 2 proud Mums (3 if you count me!)

...and little Mojo is fitting right in too; he’s such a sweeti! ( I think he's been watching the cats a little too closely!)

Apologies for the spacing and layout in my posts; blogger is really not working that well for me!


Marie said...

That teapot is fabulous! I bet the beading took forever...You are so creative.
The animals are looking quite happy.

Penny Berens said...

You have patience with a capital P!
Your highland babies are gorgeous and Mojo looks like he just melts your heart.

Tammy said...

Love the little doggie .. I grew up with two Maltese dogs in my home. The mixture is so adorable! I love the teapot. I also wanted to thank you for joining the ranks of my followers. Sometimes the world seems small.. glad to see you. :)


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