Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Assuming Shape

Finally this is starting to look like something apart from a pumpkin!

Felt and hobbyfill construction; including handle. Knob is a large timber bead, covered with felt and beaded. Rose decoration not quite complete (urgently awaiting beads to arrive in the post!)

Knob and lid detail

The reason the beading is looking a little random at the moment is that I'm using up the last of the beads I have with the view to infil and cover the T_ _ _ _ _ completely when the others arrive!

Awaiting the appendage that will make it's identity obvious!

Another little something I'm working on; for a recycled waste to art entry; due Friday (this Friday). I only started today... I made a little chart from some X-stitch software I have....

I'm using bread tags and hand dyed recycled rice bags. But I think I'm going to run out of bread tags! I've asked hubby to ask everyone at his work to bring in any they have at home... I need 960 all up... Am I going to get it completed in time? Probably not! Maybe for the 2012 challenge!!!!!!!! Not at all like me to work that far ahead. :) Wish me luck (I'm working Thurs and Friday too)

Back to the bread tags; no mail today (we only get it delivered 3 times a week) Sigh, so no more beads yet.....


Penny Berens said...

Oh, yes, luck to you!
I was wrong, that's not a sea urchin!
It's going to be glorious.

Anonymous said...

came over for visit from SEW...
love, love your banner!
I feel like i am on a stitching vacation
here. so much to enjoy, delightful
creativity, too.


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