Friday, November 12, 2010


I sold another of my paintings at work today! Yay! That will help pay for some of the framing I've recently had done!

This one is acrylic on stretched canvas and was painted a couple of years ago.

' Tree of Life - Fragment'

Sorry about the poor resolution photo. I lost the better ones when the computer had a glitch a year or so ago. Note to self - take some more photos of older works!

Hope you all have a fabulous and creative weekend.....


Anonymous said...

Yay Sandi!Good on you! how have you been? Are you still doing a bit of drawing? I guess the painting is actually drawing, but you know what I mean.Some of the drawing group are still going, and sending me occasional e-mails of their work, which is nice.
Love the hearts.
Cheers Judy

Kitchen Benchtops said...

Thank you for being so generous with your inspiration and knowledge. Photos posted are great too.


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