Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a Haggle of Hearts

I’ve made some sweet little heart hangers (maybe Christmas tree hangers) for the local gallery (Edelweiss Gallery). I had a mini production line going...

These three are finished and are made from the same base fabric

...a haggle of hearts.
3 finished; 2 needing hangers and further embellishment
Left: this one incoroporates some rust dyed paper
and the stamp I made last week
Right: I added further stamping to this fabric and incorporated
a piece of torn vintage doily

I used a mix of the hand painted/printed fabric I made for the online whimsical women workshop I did with Alisa Burke (to which I added more stamping!); vintage doily, commercial and hand dyed fabric and even a small piece of rusted paper!
I loved Alisa's grafitti style so much that I construced these hearts the same way as the art doll I learnt to make, with the seams on the outside!

I’ve embellished the finished ones with a some embroidery; a little chiffon rose; and a vintage button then added a wire hanger. I have 3 more cut out.... I'm on a roll.... (back to work tomorrow!)


Lenna Young Andrews said...

They are beautiful! : ) lenna

Karen Turner said...

These are delightful!

Connie Rose said...

Your hearts are just wonderful!

Gabriela said...

I love the hearts!

Jules said...

Oh you have been doing some lovely things while I've been awol Sandi! These are super, and I really love the goldfish stamp.x

Puddleduck said...

Thanks for your comments, Lenna, Karen, Connie, Gabriela and Jules! These are such fun to make!

Once the 'patches' are added and they are stuffed and sewn shut I can do the embroidery & embellishment anywhere - a bonus! I have stuffed another 5 and completely finished one more. I'll post some more photos before the end of the week when they're due to go to the gallery.... xo

Joan said...

Just fabulous!


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