Wednesday, March 10, 2010

of Stamps, Midnight Moonlight and Birthday Sleepovers

I also received my Tim Holtz stamps from Karen at 1papercut etsy store. They were beautifully wrapped, and … included a litle gifty of another little set of arty stamps. Beautiful. Go check out her store; she has stamping/journalling supplies. The Tim Holtz stamps are to die for...[never thought I'd be into stamps but..... : ) ] He is a wonderful designer... Here's a link to his website .

I've finally finished my Blue Moon ATC swap for Jane Clark at  Quilters Cottage Norfolk. It is actually take 2 as I wasn’t happy with how the first was turning out! I’m much happier with this one and I really hope she likes it! [no photos until I know she’s received it though!] It's called Moon Shadow as the Cat Stevens song was playing as I was finishing up and it seemed appropriate!

...and just so you know that I really am doing something on my studio days; here's an update of the little hand dyed lace piece. I'm liking how the Rose is looking with the variegated thread (one of my favourite things at the moment!)

The weekend was busy running around after my kids' social lives! (Their social calendar is definitely busier than mine!) It was also my youngest's 11th Birthday on Sunday and he had a couple of his wee mates sleep over on Sat night. They had a pizza/DVD night and no-one got  to sleep until afte midnight! Mack (short for Mackenzie) is on the right getting ready to blow out the single candle on his six egg sponge cake - which was enjoyed by all!

Birthday Boy!

Cinderella is off to town today to buy a dress for the ball!


Jules said...

Goodness, what amazing stamps - this is all new to me! I love how your rose is looking Sandi.
Belated Happy Birthday to your youngest, the boys look like they are having a great time. x

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Holy spongecake! (Certainly looks yummy!)For some reason I missed this post. Happy Birthday to your son! have to go check out teh stamps now.


Marie said...

Awww. Lovely children! Pizza and DVD
sounds like fun. (my children look forward to that too!)
Spongecake sounds yummy!
Happy belated Birthday
: )


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