Tuesday, March 30, 2010

...of Flying Hearts and Heartfelt Quilts

Busy, Busy Busy!

I’ve been racing around like a mad chook! I have house guests arriving today (my brother, his wife and 3 kiddies). They are staying for Easter and I’m so looking forward to catching up as it’s been at least 18 months since we’ve all seen each other….

So, housework has been on the agenda. (Not my favourite past-time)… and as much as I say to myself ‘They’ll just have to take us as we are’…. Part of me wants to have the place looking at least respectable! So……….Blah! Nearly done now; hopefully I'll even get a bit of stitching done before they arrive!

Besides that; I’ve got my new car! Oh joy, it’s divine and I love it!

Heart with Wings (Working Title)

I’ve been working on the Flying Heart piece… It’s grown somewhat and I made a new Heart with Wings as the other one is too small now! (I’ll use it somewhere else I’m sure!) It’s mostly an evening stitching project and is coming along quite quickly.

Heart with Wings - Whole piece
Now reorientated so there is more sky at the top!
Heart with Wings WIP

Also, it’s hubble’s 50 birthday in July and I want to finish a quilt for him. I started it nearly 2 years ago and haven’t even looked at it for probably more than a year! He keeps hinting though… and I’d love to have it done for him. In the six years we've been together the only thing I've ever made him is a pair of boxers! 

Jon's Quilt
WIP 36 blocks done-only 74 to go!
Kaffe Fasset Venetian Tile Quilt Design

The quilt is TRADITIONAL! …a gorgeous Kaffe Fassett design. The only traditional quilts I have ever made were a Log Cabin baby quilt for dear friends about 15 years ago and another Kaffe Fassett top that hangs unfinished on an old ladder in my dining room! It’s a lattice design and I love it but just haven’t got around to putting on the border and finishing it!

Unfinished Quilt Top
Kaffe Fassett Lattice Quilt Design
I have found a fairly local lady who quilts professionally and I will be taking Jon’s quilt to her once I’ve finished piecing. I’ve struggled with a square metre sized quilt under my sewing machine; I can only imagine how much fun I would have trying to machine quilt this huge piece! I would love to hand quilt it for him but I imagine he wouldn’t actually receive it until he was closer to 90! Maybe I could start another for him that I can hand stitch……. Now that I have a deadline to work toward to get it to the quilting lady…; I’m a little possessed! I need to make up 2.6 blocks per day! So far I’m averaging that! … I hope I can duck away to the studio for some sanity and stitching whilst my visitors are here….!   ; )


Joei Rhode Island said...

Have fun with family over the Holiday...don't worry too much about the house. Enchanted by the flying heart.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Oh...hey! I just saw your Sui Generis in Quilting Arts! Congratulations!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you've been busy! Love the flying heart detail shot - so many tiny stitches! Beautiful. Enjoy your family time.

Jacky said...

It's lovely to have family come to stay, but yes, I'm in the same boat...bit of cleaning up to do before they come, make the place presentable.
Your stitching looks lovely. Lots of hand stitching, nothing looks as good does it.
Beautiful quilt for your husband too. I hope you get it finished for his 50th (I've been working on one for my son for about 18 months too...I have good intentions.

Marie said...

I am loving the heart and wings quilt with all those tiny stitches and how lovely that you are stitching a quilt for the hubby.
I admire the traditional quilts but,
I just would not have the patience to do one. Perhaps I could handle an Amish style??? Have a wonderful visit and I hope you can sneek a little stitching in.

Jules said...

That quilt is really fabulous, I am so envious of your talent. I've only ever made 2 quilts, (and they were so simple it's unbelievable.) The flying heart looks great, really lovely hand stitching!

I hope that you have a wonderful Easter break with your family. x

jude said...

fabulous little heart cloth. love it!

Puddleduck said...

Hi everyone and thanks for your comments; wish I could work out how to answer each individually- or maybe I can't on Blogger?

Thanks Joei! Enjoying the flying heart very much! Thanks for the heads up on Sui Generis too! I knew it was a finalist but wasn't sure if it would be chosen to publish...

Kaye, Jacky, Marie and Jules! Those stitches aren't that tiny! ...but there is certainly something very theraputic about making those stitches. I'm adoring the ripples they create on the surface of the fabric! I hope you all had a lovely Easter with family and friends....

Jude, so happy you dropped by! It must be fulfilling for you to see what your beautiful work inspires in others! Loving the fabric weaving and it's effects.....had not really ever thought of using cloth to tell a story- but the last few pieces I've been working on are parts of my own life story... Sui Generis and this Flying Hearts piece. Thanks so much for your sharing of your work and techniques.. you inspire so much in so many.


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