Wednesday, March 10, 2010

of Integrity and Earthiness

On Monday I received the most beautiful pendant from Te at Soewn Earth in Tasmania, Australia! Wow, I was completely blown away with her presentation and generosity! The oval clay pendant that I ordered is divine, as was the beautiful hand dyed and embroidered pouch that it came in, complete with silk twisted cord and clay beads… and the most beautiful clay button. The texture on these are amazing. She has an etsy store here where she sells textile packs & clay bead earrings among other handmade items. I believe she will be adding the pendants to her store soon …….! Here is a link to her blog and her website. …  Her work is so integrally earthy. They are even more gorgeous in real life!

Gorgeous Earthy Parcel from Te at Seown Earth

My attempt at an early morning sunshine arsty photo on background of hand dyed and stitched silk! (the back of Where will the Journey End)
I couldn't resist ,as the silk pouch and my silk were almost the same colour. Te's pouch is beautifully handstitched.

Te's beautiful hand made pouch!

Te's beautiful oval clay pendant. Isn't that texture divine?
(photo is a little warped again- sorry!)


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hi Sandi,

UW! You're a lucky girl! These are heavenly... opps!... Earthly(!) treasures. I love it when things are so beautifully presented like this. A necklace a pouch a business card and a button. Clay on a half shell!

Hope you're getting in some studio time and that work is going well still.

On Thursday I leave our island to go to a big town (I've heard it has 3 horses! ;} ) and will be posting your bag off to you then. Sorry to be so slow on that.

Now I will go add Te's blog to the list, etc.


P.S. Did I thank you for your charming email? Thanks so much for sharing. I loved hearing more about you and your family! :) :) :)

Marie said...

Wow! I l-o-v-e the pouch and the beautiful clay beads. (My artistic
journey began with beads). I will check out her blog/shop. Thank you!
Just lovely.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Lovely bead.....great packaging. I'm a softy for anything silk =-)
I, too, hope your work is going OK and your life is in 'balance'.


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