Friday, December 11, 2009


Just a quick post with a couple of photos of some old work (2008).

From memory this was my first painted quilt! Approx 5" x 7" Postcard size. It was machine quilted and embellished with beads....

Copper Contours

My second painted quilt was a lot of fun... also machine quilted with bead and silk embellisment along the top and approx 5" x7". I like how the paint turned out on this one.

Cinnamon Moth


Sparklyjools said...

I love the moth, gorgeous colours.

linda stokes said...

Looking through your blog - you have been busy!
I like both your painted quilts.

Puddleduck said...

Hi Sparklyjools!
Thanks for yor comment - and for the follow!

Hi Linda!
Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I rarely sit still... and that's how I love it!


Joei Rhode Island said...

You captured the moth .. very lovely. If they are "old" you showed promise from the start. =-)


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