Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our 'Lil Christmas Lily!

We have been gifted an orphaned newborn (4 days old as I write this on Sunday) Black Angus Calf. She is absolutely beautiful and healthy and large! (The demise of her mother it seems) Hubby works with the owner; and because they are going away over Christmas they won’t be around to bottle feed her… Guess what? We have a new member of the menagerie…. Her name is Lily.

My 2 youngest kids are with their father for 3 weeks over Christmas but we have a houseful anyway (5 extras!) with hubby’s twin boys (15), his daughter (19) with her boyfriend and my eldest daughter (18). So Lily has been very well received and spoiled and will grow up to be the tamest cow ever!

She has the most beautiful big dark eyes with the longest lashes you’ve ever seen and is the most adorable creature! She is so easy to love… and I doubt that she will end up as steak! The original owners would like photographic updates!

Black Angus Calf
4 Days Old

Little Black Lambi
Approx 3 months old

Hasn't Lambi turned out to be a handsome boy?

Indignant about her new haircut!

Occupied with her favourite past-time


Joei Rhode Island said...

Cute little baby... Happy Holidays and a most creative New Year!

Sparklyjools said...

Oh, she's lovely! Super pics.
Have a very Happy Christmas and hope 2010 is a wonderful year for you! Jules x


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