Saturday, December 5, 2009

Of Rust and Earth and Sacred Symbols

Here is a sneak peak at a couple of things I am working on at the moment....

Winter Wonderland
I mentioned in my last post that I am entering a Winter Wonderland themed Exhibition at Hand Embroiderer's Network. I'm gradually building up some surface embroidery on the felt design, including couching a fluffy novelty yarn around the edges.

Couching and Running Stitch
Winter Wonderland WIP

Mother Earth Art Doll
This is another challenge I am going to enter, but I need to work quickly because the deadline for photos is the 18th December! Yeek! It is a Cloth Paper Scissors Reader Challenge to create one mixed-media art doll representing Mother Earth. I have two versions on the go and will choose my favourite upon completion! Nothing like amping up the pressure on oneself!

Version one is plain cotton that has been rust dyed with sacred symbols; I think I may still be adding some embroidery.

Mother Earth Art Doll
Rust Dyed Sacred Symbol WIP

Mother Earth Art Doll
Ooops, sideways photo but you get the idea!
Painted facial features (lips) and rust dyed markings. WIP

Version 2 is using some leftovers of the discharge dyed fabirc that I used for my first Quilts 4 London pennant and a similar technique....

Mother Earth Art Doll- WIP
Discharge Dyed, Fabric Paint and Embroidery

Here is an old embossed book cover that I rusted. I'm so pleased with how it turned out! I'll eventually use it in a mixed media piece............ but for now it is sitting on the mantlepiece in my studio!

Rusted Book Cover


Natalya said...

lots of luscious looking texture here.. beautiful!

Jayne said...

I love the colours and use of ancient sacred symbols. Have you read Lyall Watson's book - Supernatural? If not do so, it gives a completely fresh interpretation of things like rock painting, althoug it also draws on the work done at Wits University's Rock Art Research Centre by David...sorry can't remember the surname off hand. He's written several books on South African rock art and was the first to really go down the route of seeing it as a result of shamanic hallucinations. I've also entered for the Winter Wonderland competition and can't wait to start stitching my design - I've based it on the amazing biodiversity we have in the Cape fynbos, especially during the winter flowering season. I think Southern Hemisphere embroiderers should really work with what they know from their own environment rather than just doing the snow thing in whatever way. What do you think? I'd be interested to know.



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