Sunday, February 6, 2011

....of Strawberries and Cream...and Amore!

Another wonderful weekend…. Except for the heat! We had a storm come through and some welcome drops of rain early this evening but it is still warm… sleeping will be a little easier tonight though.
My Hanging Hearts have been selling well at the gallery and I’m so pleased I made the time to make another this afternoon. I’m still really enjoying these!

Strawberries and Cream
Hanging Heart

This one is made from a beautiful vintage embroidered linen cloth. I think it is crewel embroidery and the strawberries are absolutely beautifully done. The cream lace was gifted to me from a new artist friend (Hi Lynda and Thank You!) I added a few vintage buttons; some hand dyed silk organza held down with Running Stitch and just a few French Knots and Cross Stitches.

Strawberries and Cream - Detail

I really enjoy upcycling these vintage finds!
I'll leave you tonight with a couple of images of corners of our house! These are from our bedroom. The top photo is a closer representation of the colour of the walls we painted a few months ago. It is such a fabulous colour! It glows golden in the morning sunlight and is deep in the corners and shadows. I love waking up in this room! It is blissful!

Peony Roses would have to be my favourite flower- although I think I love them all. I also love oriental ceramics and I collect Fu Dogs (Temple dogs) There's a couple hiding in the greenery on this little pine table.....

Goodnight all.... and wishing you all a happy and creative week!


Marie said...

Delightful hanging heart!
What a beautiful arrangement of flowers.and Fu dogs.
Did you paint the picture?
Love the green on
the walls. Very healing.

Jules Woolford said...

I love your hearts - and that old embroidery is fab! I wish our flat loooked like your house!xxx

Joei Rhode Island said...

Very well done, Sandi. Sweet but not too much.
Fierce Dogs those Fu Boys.

Puddleduck said...

Hi Marie, Jules and Joei! Thanks for stopping by! I wish I could say I had painted the picture Marie but alas no...! The artist is Carolyn Addriessen. It's called 'Smell the Roses'. I do want to frame it at work though; just need to save for a while as I want a chunky gold ornate frame around it!

dulcy said...

What a beautiful post! I adore the strawberries and creme hanging heart. Love the vintage... and anything red. Also enjoyed the little peeks into your home.


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