Monday, February 28, 2011

28 Days has February...

Yay, another day off of work – hopefully this will continue to be a weekly occurrence! I am so enjoying being able to do stuff apart from work and household chores!

Last Monday I bought some bits and pieces of patchwork fabric and also some op shop finds- vintage doileys and linen mostly! I started 2 new pieces over the weekend using some of my new treasures – another Tree of Life - similar to the one I completed during Jude Hill’s workshop and another featuring a Sacred Heart or Flaming Heart which is a symbol that I have had in my head for a few weeks now....

February Tree of Life
Hand Pieced background (commercial cotton and vintage linen)
and appliqued tree (hand dyed vintage cotton)

I'm just loving the red of my tacking stitches against these colours so once the tree is appliqued down I think I'll be adding red leaves or other detailing to this piece..........

Flaming Heart
Vintage Embroidery on Linen and Silk Heart Applique
Don't these embroidered tiger lillies (from a vintage doiley I’ve cut up) make the most perfect flames? I'll be adding a lot more embellishment yet (maybe even beads!); and will keep posting updates!
I'll be making 2 round trips into town tonight to drop and pick up kids for their high school 'disco'!! The theme is HORROR - so some fun face painting coming up!!!!!


Penny Berens said...

Love your tree and the background you have created for it. Your heart is certainly aflame! The flames are gorgeous...I'm wondering what the doily looked like.

Puddleduck said...

Hi Penny! Thanks for dropping by; and thanks for commenting. You've given me an idea about taking photos of the vintage linens I use before I cut them up...! Thank you!

Marie said...

Love the tree of life WIP and heart. Two of my favorite
things to stitch. I love finding just the right piece of fabric that easily works in a piece, like your heart flames.

Marie said...

p.s. I am at blogger now:

Love your cloud background!
: )


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