Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mixed Media WIP

My third post for the day! ... but I'm hoping to make up for the lull in postings!

I've also been working on this piece after being inspired by Jesse Reno's work. Please do yourself a favour and check out his artwork on his website and any video you can catch of him working.

Mixed Media WIP


I came across his work a few months ago via someone else’s blog but lost the link and couldn’t remember his name..... By chance I came across his work again a few days ago and spent some time checking out his brilliant artwork & watching a few of the videos of him working. I find his technique fascinating… so…last night I had a bit of a play around; I’ve done a little more on it today too, but fear I have already got too precious and there are parts of it I don’t want to cover up.

Will attack it another day or maybe later on tonight when I can free up a bit again. I don't want to think about it too much. It is great fun to do and so hands on. Not my usual style or colours or anything really- Just wanted to have a go! (Don't let this put you off looking at Jesse's work! I adore his work but have just tried the technique and materials to see what I could come up with!)

He says in an interview that he wanted to do archaeology as a child... that was my dream also! I love the detail and layers in his work... If you're lucky enough to be in the US- he does workshops too!

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Jules said...

You're always introducing me to new and interesting things - thank you !x


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