Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Headless Tuesday!

Here’s a quick update on my Whimsical Woman! It seems that a lot of the things I work on are auto-biographical…..(maybe even everything in some context)

This is made from hand painted and then stamped fabric. See last few posts. It also has some textile dye pastel, fabric marker and various fabric scraps. This is inspired by Alisa Burke’s online workshop. I just had to add legs though! The pink and black stripe is a commercially printed cotton which I over printed with a stamp and black acrylic paint (I’ve only ever made one other Art Doll to date – my Gaia Earth Mother)
Now that the body is stuffed I wish I’d put the little fabric collage a little lower.. oh well, I’ll remember for next time! Don’t quite know what I’m doing with her hair yet – I just know that it will be wild (like mine!) Gaia’s hair was ripped fabric – I may do something similar if I can find some suitable locks!

I hope to get this finished today. Art group and visitors for dinner tomorrow and then back to work on Thursday… where does the week go?

I couldn’t upload the photos from my camera as the battery had died...... I’m back after recharging it and now have the head on my WWW (Wild Wee Wiffy) or Wicked Whimsical Woman perhaps?

I’ll attach a few more found objects; cover the neck joint with a scarf and perhaps jewelery and her hair isn’t quite finished yet either………
Whilst I was waiting for those batteries to recharge, I also had a little go at smooshing some violets onto cotton- what a lovely image! I hope they retain some of the colour. Even if it fades or browns off I’m amazed at the detail! (Actually, it was a little more than smooshing; more like smashing!! :) )


Penny Berens said...

Love your blond haired beaut.
Can't believe the detail you got with your smooshed violets. Whenever I've smooshed, it looks smooshed!

Jules said...

Amazing violets! Your WWW is so much fun and I love those legs!x

Puddleduck said...

Hi Penny and thanks! I tried rolling them with a hard brayer, but in the end the hammer worked best! ;)

Puddleduck said...

Hi Jules! I've had so much fun making www! This morning I wondered if she should have had arms too? There are a couple more in the pipeline so I'll experiment a bit with those! Nothing like your beautiful detailed dolls though! xx

Josh Healy said...

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Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hi Sandi, here I am catching up on ALL (!) those missed creations. I've scrolled down the first page of your blog and am excited by the visual feast! Love the new heading image (probably it's not new at all... I've been away too long). Hope you're well! Big hugs. Catherine


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