Monday, April 19, 2010


Just a quick Dad is visiting from South Australia for a couple of weeks! I haven't seen him for a couple of years and it is his first visit to our little farm!

This was so much fun to make with some bits and pieces which were lying around my sewing table! I was too lazy to change the thread on the sewing machine but I needed a break from stitching Hubble's quilt blocks!

Coloured foil and silk on denim

I've stitched down the heart and wings on my latest piece... and love the way the wings are rippling and looking feathery
Heart with Wings- downward thrust!

Heart with Wings-
Feathery wing detail!

I found the cutest cookie cutter at the kitchen shop the other day and just couldn't resist! Jon had some fun at work today with these in his lunch box and the kids (who go back to school tomorrow after a 2 week term break) are looking forward to taking some of these ginger cookies in their lunchboxes too!

Dog Biccies!


Jacky said...

He hee... love those dog biccies, they will cause a stir at school (and dont the kids love that!).

Gorgeous your piece on the denim, love all of those colours.

Have fun with your dad.

Jacky xox

Marie said...

The denim piece is great...not to worry about changing thread...I am
really loving denim right now. I was searching the house for some to cut up lol!
The cookie cutter is fun!
Have a wonderful visit with your
dad <3

Quilters Cottage Norfolk said...

you must be tickled pink to beable to share your farm with your Dad.
The cookies look good and cause a giggle to. i bet the kids had to share or everyone wanted to!!!
best wishes and enjoy,
Jane C


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