Tuesday, April 13, 2010

of Pages, Prizes and Lucky Finds!

Firstly I have received my April/May copy of Quilting Arts and am so happy to see my Sui Generis (and other finalists work too) have been published at full page size! (Seems I had 1 issue left on my subscription!) I’m so excited as I imagined that if I was lucky enough to be included that perhaps they would be smaller images! Many, many moons ago I had some Interior Design work published (in conjunction with the Architectural firm I worked for at the time) but I never actually got to see it... I moved countries just before it came out, and this was way before the internet and email become so commonly used! So, I am truly over the moon about seeing this piece in print! (Can you tell?)
April/May cover
Quilting Arts magazine

Sui Generis
Inner Animal Challenge

Secondly, a huge thank you and hug for Catherine at Emergence for the gorgeous tulip bag that I won on her blog giveaway! It is truly divine… [and after a quick iron - which I only did as Catherine suggested it may be required! ;) ] I moved straight in and took it off to town with me yesterday! It has ample room for the kitchen sink that many of us girls like to carry around on our shoulder and is my favourite ‘colour’ black.
Catherine's Tulip Bell Bag
Blog Giveaway that I was lucky enough to win!

The workmanship (workwomanship) is just perfect and I will get much joy from using it. Thank you Catherine…!  I love it!
The fabric in the background of the photos above is a vintage piece I recently purchased on ebay. I had intended to cut it up.... but I've hung it across the doorway into the studio... and there it will stay! I may add a backing and a rod pocket or similar at the top but I adore it in our vaguely castle/medieval themed living area! I was drawn to the design and colours which remind me of crewel embroidery.What a lucky find!
I've more to show- be back later!


Jeanine in Canada said...

It is such an amazing piece!

Jeanine in Canada

Jules said...

Hooray! I'm so thrilled for you Sandi! X

Marie said...

Congratulations! I am sooo
happy for you! I love to look
through all of those magazines
(although it is rare that I get to.)
Our local library has the Somerset
magazine and the nearest big book store
is about half an hour away.
Fun purse! :)

super mario tidings said...

I nearly freaked when i opened the q and a magazine and said your name , nsw aloud....then the penny dropped ...i screamed for about a minute. I am sooo proud of you .you are using your talents and what an achievement.. go you good thing....so awesome.from Sandie

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

HI Sandi, how are you doing. i have been absent for such a long time I have so much to catch up on on everyone's blogs. Everyone has been doing so much amazing stuff... as always :) I was wondering whether you'd got your prize. I'm so happy that you like it. Hope it's useful. Megan was pleased to see it on your blog out there in Aussie. Just think... you have the only Bainbridge&Houseberg bag in Australia... Come to think of it, apart from ourselves, right now you're the only person in the world with a Bainbridge&Houseberg bag!:) :) :)
Hope you and your family are well. Hugs Catherine


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