Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wow... Look how Yellow!!

There is a little story behind the title of this post; so bear with me.
A few years ago, not long after marrying hubby we moved to a small acreage and I could finally have chooks; which we free ranged. Consequently, their egg yolks were always vivid yellow (I believe it's when they eat a lot of green grass.) One day I made quiche and as I took it out of the oven I exclaimed 'Wow... !!! Look how Yellow..!!' Now, Hubby and the kids tease me about it!

Last Friday, Rose was home from school and I was in the studio - playing. I decided to try some tumeric dyeing! Rose was watching with fascination as I tossed all sorts of bits and pieces into the dye pot. I couldn't believe the colour these pieces were turning before my eyes. Before I knew it, those same words fell out of my mouth again! Rosie was rolling around laughing......... but I kept my composure and just kept throwing things in the pot!
Seriously, I had no idea the colour would be so strong! I mean, I know it turns rice quite yellow but I wasn't prepared for this! I used approximately 4 heaped tablespoons of tumeric to about 2 cups of water. I boiled it all up until the tumeric had mostly 'dissolved' then turned the heat down and added my fabric.

Tumeric Dyeing
Clockwise from top left:
Silk, which took the colour beautifully 
Cotton which I concertina folded and bundled with string; it's showing a lovely grid pattern.
A piece of wool batting.
A cotton crocheted needle case with wool? felt pages. I was given this years ago by my now ex MIL and never really liked it. It was a neutral colour but look at it now!! I'm in love with it!
A small scrap of synthetic (just wanted to see how it would take the dye) It's turned out pale lemon.
A larger piece of cotton muslin which took the colour beautifully.
Double cotton muslin which has a grid weave pattern
and lastly a piece of vintage cotton from an old serviette.

(There was also a piece of thick wool felt which is a real sunny yellow like the needle case which didn't make it's way into the photo as it had blown into the garden!)

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