Friday, September 11, 2009

Rust Dyeing Fabric

This has been my latest fascination and I’ve been having so much fun! Plus, it's so easy!
It’s amazing what you find in a farm shed! I wet the fabric in a solution of ½ vinegar and ½ water; squeeze out the excess and then wrap the fabric around the rusted items; put the whole lot in a plastic bag (or wrap the whole lot in plastic sheeting) for larger items. I’ve been sitting the whole lot on the sink in my studio which gets a lot of morning sun. Most of these pieces were dyed overnight.

Rust Dye Sample Pieces

This photo shows a selection of pieces; at the top a piece of coloured thai silk which only took on minimal colour; From left to right 1) a piece of silk (?) which took on the shapes of an old cog beautifully! 2)another piece of silk which took on a grey colour with rust marks too 3) a commercially dyed cotton which also took on the cog shape and 4) a plain coloured cotton which took on minimal colour. I have just read somewhere about preparing the fabric first so it takes on even more colour! I'll try that next.

Rust Dye on Silk Detail

L) Silk cog-back
R) Cotton cog - back

Cotton Muslin with Grate Rust

I love the process and absolutely am in love with the results! I love that the fronts are almost outlines of the shapes and the backs are more solid. This is especially noticeable on the cog pieces. I want to do more..............


Lenna Andrews said...

thank you for all the details on rust dying and tumeric dyeing, i must try this! i love your results.
thank you! lenna

Puddleduck said...

Hi Lenna,
Be warned - it's addictive!!!!


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