Thursday, September 30, 2010

of Anniversaries and Amazing Castles

Wow! It’s been an amazing week! It was our 6th Anniversary on Sunday and my 45th Birthday on Tuesday. Hubble requested that I was ‘his’ for the weekend….! We set off on Saturday- destination unknown to me (I tried to get hints from him all week – but to no avail!) What an amazing and gorgeous surprise! We stayed in a castle (we’re talking rural New South Wales, Australia! Not Scotland! Not the UK or Europe.) This castle turns 100 years old this year and up until 7 years ago was owned by the one family… here is a link to a website with a little more info and some more photos; and another here.

We had perfect weather and even a misty morning........

I can highly recommend it for a weekend getaway! We were so lucky and had it COMPLETELY to ourselves for the weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring all the nooks and crannies and the parapet and numerous balconies…. and we revelled in being King and Queen for the weekend!

A rotunda in a garden centre we stopped at on the way home.... would have been right at home in the castle grounds!
I caught up with my eldest daughter Kat for our birthdays this week.... about 8 hours driving to meet up for lunch. She's at Uni in Sydney and was up in Newcastle for a few days; so I took the opportunity to go and see her while she was a bit closer. Cee-Cee came too and was an angel all day! I'm so pleased she travels well.
I had a call from my work on my way home to say I'd sold a painting....! Wow, I'm so thankful. (that'll pay to get a few more framed!)
So, I've had a wonderful week.... back to work now.... Jon's boys are coming up for the long weekend and I hope to get some painting and gardening done! Maybe some art will created too..! Have a great creative week!

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Jules said...

Many Congratulations on your Anniversary and a belated Happy Birthday Sandi!What a wonderful looking place I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. BTW little Cee Cee is just adorable. Happy creating! x


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