Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm currently doing Jude Hill's online Patchwork Beasts workshop... and loving it. There is some really wonderful work being created and as always Jude is sharing of her knowledge and gentle in her teaching approach. I've not been able to create as much as I would have liked but have followed the workshop blog and lessons.

This is the start of my second piece; Hey Diddle Diddle. The cow body is pieced; so far the other bits and pieces (head, legs, udder) are just pinned on. It is a lot of fun and I hope to add the rest of the menagerie! You know, the little dog, the cat and the fiddle, the dish and......

This was my first attempt at free piecing... I don't love it but it has become a little sampler for the techniques....

Back to work tomorrow... I had some oral surgery on Friday (teeth extracted!) and still feel a little off... Looking forward to playing with fabric over the weekend....!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi, I love your beasts! The cow is really "over the moon" to be there with you!!! I see now what you mean about the lightblue piece, now I can see the whole cloth .. maybe some gauzy danker fabric over it when you start embellishing ...? You made some lovely pieces in the spiritcloth-class too !!!!! ( I go looking at your other work later,I'm sure I'll love it all.)

Joei Rhode Island said...

I love the little bird and butterfly Sandi! I took Jude's first class and am still playing with the ideas she started. Haven't been on the computer too much.

jude said...

i am enjoying your fresh outlook in class. oral surgery is not fun, hope you are feeling better!

Marie said...

I love that little bird! Adorable.
Looks like a lot of fun. Hope your
are feeling better with the tooth thing <3

Jacky said...

Love them both ...but especially that whimsical pieced cow!!!! This is going to be a great piece. Cant wait to see the rest.
We've had computer connection problems the past few months and finally about four weeks ago no connection at all (just what you need when you are doing one of Judes classes). All fixed now and enjoying catching up on what everyone has been doing and having a play around myself.

Your beast are wonderful!

Jacky xox

Jules said...

Hi Sandi,
Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, I am much better and have been loving looking at all the wonderful things you have been creating over the last few weeks. Fabulous pastels - and wow, your "slow cloth" work is terrific. I especially love the piece with the bird in the tree, it speaks to me. Your beasties are terrific fun! I'm so sorry you have been having such trouble with your teeth and I hope that you are feeling much better. xxx


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