Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lucky finds!

Not my work.... but I have to share a couple of lucky finds from the thrift store yesterday! First was a little table top easel which I just couldn't pass up (only $4!). It will be very useful for my pastel paintings. The second was this sweet little crewel embroidered cushion.....

I don't know whether to be brave enough to wash it or not. There is so much work in this little design. It seems to have been stitched with 2-3 strands of 6 stranded floss not wool thread. The stitching is quite fine and in perfect condition!

..... it's sad sometimes to think of all the time and skill that went into making household linens etc in times past and that fewer people seem to appreciate them. I sometimes purchase them just to 'save' them. Occassionally I use them in my work. Once I've washed this I'll put it on the comfy chair in my studio... and tizzy it up with some tassels on the corners....! I want to bring it back to life!

I'm working on a kit monogram for my hubby's study wall (started about 2 years ago and it'd be nice to have it done and framed for his 50th in July this year!) Apart from that just dabbling around with some UFO's I've found whislt tidying my studio.................!

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Jules said...

Oh, lucky you, what great finds! Lovely cushion, and it has now found a good home where it will be appreciated!


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