Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pear on Saucer Collage Update

Here is an update of the collage I started yesterday. I think it's finished except the dark patch in the upper centre is annoying me. The tones aren't perfect but it is already at least 2 layers thick in most places and I don't want to play around with it too much more! For the most part I like it and can see myself doing more!

Pear on Saucer
Collage on Stretched Canvas
30cm x 30cm (12" x 12")

Next time I will do an under painting (either of the design or a graded or flat colour to help tie everthing together) I used a tiny bit of blue tissue in the shadows on this but found it really hard to cover it up entirely. I need to think about backgrounds before I start glueing too! Lots learnt and a very enjoyable exercise overall... nothing like ripping and sticking!


Joei Rhode Island said...

I've not seen this technique before...Ripping and gluing...sounds like fun. =-)

Puddleduck said...

Joei,I'm addicted to collage now too...! It started with my River of Tears journal where I've been using what ever is on hand - kitchen towel, tissue paper, newspaper etc

There is something almost therapeutic about the ripping and then gluing! It's fun! And stress free.....probably because any mistakes can be covered easily!



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